Author Topic: Scripting 101 - Your first script  (Read 1889 times)


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Scripting 101 - Your first script
« on: December 11, 2014, 06:51:13 PM »
1. The script you have in mind, might be a ring. So go into Runuo Folder --> Scripts --> Items --> Jewelery --> Artifacts --> In there you will find a Ring of elements, and a Ring of the vile, Right click ONE of those files and click copy.

2. Go to your custom scripts folder and press CTRL+V or right click --> paste.

3. Open the file with NOTEPAD.

4. Have your name in mind, there will be 2 lines. Replace: and Replace with:. Type in the Replace: space, RingOfTheVile or, RingOfTheElements (depends on which jewel arty you copied) In the Replace With: space, type in the name you have in mind WITH NO SPACES. then press replace all.

5. In a section AFTER using.servers there will be Attributes.(attribute here) = (number here); Say you want fc and fcr. You would replace whatever is after the period with: RecoverySpeed on one line with the attributes code, and CastingSpeed on the other. To be balance after recoveryspeed you will type = 2 and after casting speed you will type = 1.

6. Don't forget the name! Under the { add Name = "(your script here)";

7. Save.

8. Compile.

You just made your first script!
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