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UO Cartographer
« on: May 10, 2016, 04:59:08 PM »
UO Cartographer

Download the files and unrar/unzip

1. Turn off your UO clients
2. Run the Installer and take note of where UOC installs
3. Place everything from 'Labels' into the same folder that UOC installed to
4. Right click on UOCartographer.exe, go to properties and select to run this program in Compatability Mode with XP SP2
5. Open and close UOC once, a folder will be created in My Documents called UOCartographer, ignore the error
6. Place everything from 'My Document Files' into this new folder in My Documents

FAQ - UO Cartographer

Q: Why does it keep going to a black screen once I move?
A: If you log in to a facet that is different than the one UOC was last using, it will get out of sync and appear black.

Set the facet to the one you are currently in and restart UOC without moving in game and it will fix.

Q:Why does it crash when I use the find (Ctrl+F) feature?
A:It crashes when you click in the Find box, but not on a name. When you go to look for a player, make sure you click on the actual name and it will not crash.

Q:How do I track a different client?
A:Unfortunately, there is no way to quickly change the client that is being tracked. UOC will always track the last client opened.

How to Install UO Cartographer-Video
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